Do you ever feel like going on a solo trip for months?

Question asked in Quora and here is my reply 🙂

Yes, Yes and a capital YES 🙂

why ?

because I don’t want fixed plans, fixed places and return tickets.

I want to start from one end and want to see all of it.

like in India I want to start from any of state and then just want to travel all of it

tourist place, non-tourist place, hidden gems, ugly places, small villages, towns and districts.

once you spent some time there then only you can understand the culture.

and yes I am interested in knowing my India too much.

all I need is a month leave. off course I ll disappear for months.

even I imagined all the things yet I have no leaves…from where to start

  1. North east — starting point — Guwahati 🙂 ending point — god knows
  2. Himanchal pradesh — starting point — Patahnkot ending point — god knows
  3. Punjab — starting point — Amritsar ending point — god knows

Just after my first solo travel, I fell in love with solo traveling

read here:

Goa — first I started solo 🙂

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